Genealogical Bessarabia
reconstitution of the genealogical tree
Veaceslav Stavila
Dr. Veaceslav Stavila
can restore your genealogical tree for the last 300 years
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Visit Necropolis Bessarabia in order to find out the age and the reason of death your ancestors during the first half of the XIXth century.

Visit Genealogical Bessarabia in order to reconstitution of the genealogical tree from the last 300 years.

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Yabaluiev Yabulica Yacarescu Yaleschi Yapl Yasile
Yavidovcher Ybckobchhxb Yeneral Yezi Ygiprv Yie
Yif Yilinski Yisonnic Ylteasll Yna Ynuarie
Ynyiuchhh Your Ypo Ypsrov Ysakow Ytas
Yti Ytvj Yuloxentea Yuloxenteâ Yxohhehna Yţvj